MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution

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Miracle Mineral Solution – MMS and

Note:  Have just heard that MMS has been removed from the market by the FDA.    What more proof do you want that it works!!

I did not use this solution to remove my tumor as I was not totally familiar with it.   It is actually very inexpensive ($20) and easy to use.      I have now used it to give me an indication  that there is nothing growing now.     You start with 1 or 2 drops and when you get to 15 with no side effects, you can be assured you do not harbor a tumor.

Again, it is only $20 for a small bottle that lasts a very long time.  I would serious recommend this solution as one of your first steps.   

Author’s Message

Dear Reader,

If you came to this site that means you are at least interested in MMS and what it can do.  So just let me give you the very basics of MMS right now so you can decide if you want to learn more or not.

A chemical called Stabilized Oxygen has been available in the US for over 75 years. It has been and is now mostly sold in health food stores.  This chemical has been successful and has been used by hundreds of thousands of people over these past 75 years.  Well, unbeknownst to everyone, this chemical produces something other than oxygen.  In fact it produces no oxygen at all.  Although it has been fairly effective, it just hasn’t produced the results that its proponents and manufacturers have desired.  For some reason over all those years no one ever noticed that It produces chlorine dioxide which is also an oxidizer but totally different than oxygen.  It is much more effective than oxygen.  Unfortunately it only produced small amounts of chlorine dioxide.

Chlorine dioxide is the most effective killer of disease germs known to man and is used in water works, stock yards, hospital floors, and in government buildings to kill Anthrax.  When I discovered the Stabilized Oxygen often cured malaria while prospecting for gold in the Jungles of Guyana, I began to work on it to produce more chlorine dioxide.  Using a stronger mixture of the same chemical I was eventually able to make it produce up to 1000 times more chlorine dioxide.  It was then tested to be safe for humans.

This extremely potent oxidizer is amazing in that it is the only oxidizer use in this area that is selective to oxidize only the Pathogens.  It has been used for many years to kill the pathogens in city water works while not touching the beneficial bacteria.  In Africa I personally treated over 2000 malaria patients.  Keep in mind that malaria is the worst disease of mankind.  It has killed more people than all the wars and all the other disease combined.  It now kills over 2 million people a year, and yet MMS overcomes all of the malaria symptoms in 4 hours.  A person gets up out of bed and goes home.  In addition, the person’s blood always shows a complete cure.  And guess what; at the price it is selling in the US the cost to cure a single malaria case is less than 5 cents.   In Africa when we manufacture it, the cost will be only a fraction of that.

Well, you might ask; that may be OK for the people in Africa, but what will it do for me here in America?  Well, it overcomes colds in an hour or so, overcomes flu in less than 12 hours, overcomes pneumonia in less than 12 hours, cures more cancer than any other treatment by hundreds of times, cures hepatitis A, B, and C.  It cures appendicitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and a hundred other diseases.

The second web site mentions the new Dominican Republic one week schooling and other information for those who want to help disperse this info.


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