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This is a wonderful group that has doctors available to answer any questions you may have.    Give them your lab tests that shows the “flags” of highs and lows and they will recommend the supplements that will help.    No fee.   There is a $75 a year fee if you want to join to get their supplements at a lower price and also receive their monthly, terrific magazine that discusses all types of up-to-date news on various conditions.    Leaning very much to the alternative side.    My first magazine had a write-up on the Suzanne Somers book.  Lots of Cancer info as well as CT scan warnings.  Also info on what to take “before” a cancer operation.

Here are some of the supplements I got from them that I took for the first 6 months:

Creatine whey glutamine powder

Modified citrus pectin – reduces cancer cell regeneration

Iron protein plus


Vitamin D3 with iodine  5,000 IU

Folic acid and B12

Coriolis mushroom

Ip-6 and Insitol – deep immune




Vitamin C

Ortho immune

Optimized quercetin


Cimetidine – over the counter for heart burn – 6 per night, used so that cancer cells do not adhear as they travel through.

Now I am taking from the regular health food store and Dr. Mercola:   Curcumin,  CQ10, Krill Oil, Vitamin D3, all of the B’s and extra B12


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